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Requirements to Join

Any boy under the age of 18 may join Troop 633 who has accomplished the following:


  1. Reached 10½ years of age;

  2. Completed the 5th grade; or 

  3. Or, earned the Arrow of Light in Cub Scout Webelos.

The boy must also have parental consent to join.

Troop 633 requires each boy (or at least one per family) to subscribe to Scout Life magazine.


At least ONE parent or guardian must register as a Troop Committee/Adult Leadership member when a boy joins Troop 633, and that a parent or guardian attend the Parent Committee meetings on a regular basis. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to participate in Scout Adult Leader Training whenever possible.

Scouts BSA is a Co-Ed Program

Are you a girl or the parent/guardian of a girl who is interested is joining Scouts BSA?  Troop 633 has a sister troop for girls!  Contact us for more info.

Joining Troop 633 is Easy!

Ready to join us? Online registration is quick and easy.

Having difficulty? Contact us for assistance.

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